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Resource Abuse Policy

Please Read This Before Using Your Account. Using The Account Without Reading This Page Means You Agree To The Following Our Resource Abuse Policy Terms & Conditions.

Any website on our shared servers that uses a high amount of server resources (CPU, memory usage, and network resources) will be given an option to upgrade their account to a dedicated server or VPS plan. The abuse and misuse of shared system resources is a very serious problem. Accounts on a shared server must share resources with other users, therefore we must limit how much of the CPU and memory that can be used by any one account to protect everyone on the same server.

To be fair to everyone on a shared server, we are not allowed one or two clients to utilize all of the system resources on a shared machine and have all other clients suffering just because of it. Excessive CPU & memory usage by one or more clients causes extreme slow in all areas: such as MySQL, Email, HTTP, FTP and more. If the CPU & memory usage by a few clients gets out of hand, all sites hosted on the machine will return errors and not be accessible in any way.


Memory usage may not exceed 10% per domain/file/application
CPU usage may not exceed 20% per domain/file/application
Apache connections may not exceed 30 connections
20 MySQL maximum user connections allowed
350 emails per hour, per domain

There are special exceptions to these rules to be determined at the time when we discover abuse. There are different combinations of usage that can create problems and other special cases. At any given time a server is unstable and an account is found to be the cause, we reserve the right to suspend the account to keep the server online and operating normally. If the usage is an increasing trend, we recommend the user invest in either a dedicated server or VPS so as to allows the website growing at a normal rate without restriction.


In the event your website has been suspended for resource abuse (abuse that cannot be resolved by removing/changing a script, etc.) and you do not wish to upgrade to a dedicated server to accommodate your site needs, we will only release the suspension after review been done on your site within 24-72 hours. This is to ensure the CPU intensive site slows down in traffic to avoid further damage and problems. A backup will then be provided for your files or you will be allowed FTP/cPanel access for a certain time period. Any questions about our abuse policy may be answered by opening a ticket with our abuse division. You may visit




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